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Resgatável apenas no Brasil
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Presente misterioso da BONOXS!! Você é sortudo? Será algo interessante? Só vai poder descobrir se abrir… Participe para ter a chance de ganhar um PS5!

Prêmios disponíveis:

  • Desconto de 5% no seu próximo pedido
  • Desconto de 10% no seu próximo pedido
  • Gift card da sua escolha no valor de USD 5
  • Gift card da sua escolha no valor de USD 10

Como resgatar:

1- Entrar no Discord
2- Enviar uma mensagem privada para @BONOXS
3- Compartilhar uma captura de tela da mensagem e o e-mail da conta registrada
4- Você receberá o prêmio no seu e-mail

Mystery Gift – Terms & Conditions
This Promotion will be valid from 17/07/2023 to 31/08/2023 and may be extended, changed or
discontinued at any time at BONOXS BNX LLP’s (“Bonoxs”) entire discretion. All capitalized
terms that are not defined in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning ascribed to
them in the General Terms (
The following terms and conditions shall apply:
1. Eligible Users
The validity of this Promotion is strictly limited for Registered Users who are part of the Loyalty
Program and have a minimum of 1000 BXS points in their Account to redeem them for a Card
(“Mystery Gift”).
2. Mystery Gift. Prizes.
Each Mystery Gift will have an award. The prize corresponding to each Mystery Gift is random.
Every User will be informed about the prize he/she won, immediately after the redemption of the
Mystery Gift. Prizes may vary between:
1- Cashbacks (from 5 to 20% maximum).
2- Discounts on purchase orders.
3- Play Station Sony 5.
4- Any other prize that Bonoxs may consider to be included.
3. Time Limit. 
If the Mystery Gift is a discount on purchase orders, Bonoxs will determine the maximum time
limit to use such rewards. In case there is no specific date, the deadline will be June 30th.
4. Miscellaneous Provisions
Bonoxs has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes will be
effective as of the date of their publication.
Bonoxs, in its sole but reasonable discretion, reserves the right to disregard any transaction that
is deemed to be suspected of abusing this Promotion, including, but not limited to, transactions
that have no business purpose or transactions that are not for the personal benefit of the User.
Bonoxs is not responsible for transactions not successfully completed due to a technical failure,
technical malfunction, computer, satellite, network, or server hardware or software failure of any
This promotion is not cumulative with other promotions. Each Card operates individually and
cannot be not redeemable for cash or other prizes.